Team News

Team Vaghi getting prepped with reps

Team Vaghi is training hard, getting ready for the IBJJF World Championships in Long beach CA on May 29th.

Team Vaghi Purple belt Andrew Sanchez Wins Pan Ams

Congratulations to Team Vaghi Purple belt Andrew Sanchez on winning the Pan Ams.  We are proud of you.Sanchez win pan am

Team Vaghi Brown Belt John Hansen Wins Pan Ams

Congratulations to Team Vaghi/Axios Brown Belt John Hansen on winning the Pan Ams ultra Heavy.  Dedication and a lot of hard work prevailed against some outstanding opponents.  We are proud of you John.  Next stop Worlds.562264_591789114165571_2100753271_n

Team Vaghi’s Joe Mueller Bio

This is my bio for my fight in Toronto, Canada May 11th.

Hello my name is Joseph Thomas Mueller. I am a 23 year old kid born in November of 89 in Saint Louis, MO. I was never allowed to compete in a contact sport, but then I turned 18 and my friends spoke of a Gracie Jiu Jitsu School not far from my house. So I went up there to check it out and saw that they had A Muay Thai class there. I was already fascinated by the Art of Eight Limbs and signed up for a few free classes, that was the day I subconsciously began to pave a new path, explore and discover myself.
A man named Fuad Keranovic saw something in me. He was my Trainer, he was my Coach, he was my
Inspiration. I was on a bad road, a road to nowhere, A road of destruction. I remember my first day of High school my History teacher had us write a list of goals. Most people wrote things like get a car, get a touch down at the game this weekend, hook up with Lauren, etc.. I wrote I want to be remembered for something Great, I want to Travel, I want to make a difference, I want to inspire others. Well I wasn’t holding up to those goals and
dreams. I was hanging with a bad crowd and drugs were a major part of my life. Then I did something very stupid on a lot of drugs. I woke up in jail and spent half a year there. I suppose Chuck Palahniuk said it best,”Only through destroying myself can I discover the greater power of my spirit.”
Yet now today I am who I feel I was meant to be, those events made me who I am today. I have since then
won 4 title belts ranging from 125#-135# and fought in Foz Do Iguazu, Brazil for the 2012 Pan American Kickboxing
Tournament bringing home the Gold. I am trekking through a forest, my forest and paving a path of my own. I am
still at the beginning of this path but it is a deep and dense forest that has no known end where everything is possible
and most importantly I am in control now. “It is not always important to be strong but to feel strong.” I can say that
I am truly proud of myself and who I am becoming. I now have a record of 19W-3L-1D-&4KO’s. I look for it to
continue to grow and this Fall take the leap to the Pro level.Joe mueller belts

Congratulation Professor Rodrigo Vaghi on earning his 5th degree on his balck belt from Rickson Gracie

Congratulation Professor Rodrigo Vaghi on earning his 5th degree from Rickson Gracie

Congratulations to Justin, Rebecca and Julia on their Belt stripe promotions and testing.  Team Vaghi Kids working hard for those stripes.  The best place in the midwest for Kids Jiujitsu.  DSC01009

Wow what a great weekend for Team vaghi Jiujitsu and Muay Thai. Team Vaghi Jiujitsu went to the IBJJF chicago open and came home with an extensive list of wins that produced a lot of shiny new medals. Team Vaghi continues to display its dominance in top level Jiujitsu tournaments nation wide.

Team Vaghi Muay Thai had an outstanding showing this weekend at the WKA tourney in Richmond going 10-2 with 4 KO’s and bringing home 4 new WKA belts with only 3 competitors, Quinton Obrien, Joe mueller and Joe Cox.

We are happy for our team mates this weekend showing their skills and determination. Winners from IBJJF open chicago are listed below.

Rodrigo Vaghi BJJ
WHITE / Adult / Male / Light
Anthony Calderon
WHITE / Adult / Male / Light
Emerardo Suarez
WHITE / Adult / Male / Middle
Benjamin Roy
WHITE / Adult / Male / Middle
Marcus Quevedo
WHITE / Adult / Male / Ultra-Heavy
Josh Nelson
WHITE / Adult / Female / Heavy
Jaclyn Cross
WHITE / Master / Male / Super-Heavy
Luke Mulch
WHITE / Master / Male / Ultra-Heavy
Zachary Newman
WHITE / Senior 1 / Male / Middle
Brandon Ansell
WHITE / Senior 1 / Male / Middle
Nicholas Gove
BLUE / Adult / Male / Feather
Nick Ramirez
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light
Adam Adcock
BLUE / Adult / Male / Middle
Phillip Raphael
BLUE / Adult / Male / Open Class
Phillip Raphael
BLUE / Adult / Male / Ultra-Heavy
Canaan Craig
BLUE / Adult / Male / Open Class
Canaan Craig
BLUE / Master / Male / Light-Feather
Joshua Hill
BLUE / Master / Male / Middle
Jon Weber
BLUE / Master / Male / Heavy
Jesse Rueger
BLUE / Senior 1 / Male / Middle
Anthony Byrd
BLUE / Senior 1 / Male / Open Class
Anthony Byrd
BLUE / Senior 1 / Male / Heavy
Dominic robitaille
BLUE / Senior 3 / Male / Ultra-Heavy
Paul Slater
BLUE / Senior 3 / Male / Open Class
Paul Slater
PURPLE / Master / Male / Ultra-Heavy
Kyle Charles Koehly
PURPLE / Senior 1 / Male / Light
Jesse Alan Thompson
PURPLE / Senior 2 / Male / Heavy
Kurt Richardson
PURPLE / Senior 2 / Male / Open Class
Kurt Richardson
BROWN / Adult / Male / Heavy
Nicholas Raymond Sanders
BROWN / Adult / Male / Open Class
Nicholas Raymond Sanders
BROWN / Senior 1 / Male / Super-Heavy
Anthony A. Carlson
BROWN / Senior 1 / Male / Open Class
Anthony A. Carlson
BLACK / Master / Male / Ultra-Heavy
Michael W. Rethmeyer Jr
BLACK / Master / Male / Open Class
Michael W. Rethmeyer Jr

Vaghi Martial Art
WHITE / Master / Male / Feather
Paul Anderson
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light-Feather
Derek Featherstun
BLUE / Adult / Female / Light
Ashley Cummins
BLUE / Master / Male / Medium-Heavy
Kenny Ruzicka

Rodrigo Vaghi BJJ
BLUE / Adult / Male / Feather
Nick Ramirez

Team Vaghi headed to Chicago IBJJF

Good luck to all of the Team Vaghi students going to compete this weekend in the Chicago IBJJF jujitsu tournament. Next stop IBJJF Pan Americans in california and NAGA St. Louis .

Way to go Team Vaghi, SCMMA, and Team Pedigo

This past weekend Team Vaghi and its affiliate schools competed in the 2013 Missouri Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tourney. The Team Vaghi Elite kids dominated their divisions as did all the Team Vaghi schools adult competitors. Next up NAGA Saint Louis and IBJJF PAN AMS in Irvine California this month.

In house Tournament at SCMMA

Weigh in at 11AM with a noon start. No kids today Divisions will be grouped by weight as closely as possible. IBJJF rule with GI only today. Everyone will be guaranteed 3 matches.

Come and compete or just come and watch to see why Team Vaghi is the best in the Midwest.